Forget Restrictive Diets and Waiting Until Monday to Start

Make the Shift to Healthy Habits

Nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coaching for individuals, teams, and organizations


Wellness challenges to improve employee health and happiness, emphasizing inclusivity, fun, and support with professional coaching and in-app tracking.


6 week group challenge focused on nutrition, fitness, and mindset to foster healthy habits, supported by personalized coaching and tech tools for real-time progress tracking.


Individual coaching support to help you achieve your weight and health goals through better nutrition, effective workouts, and mindset shifts that align with a healthier lifestyle.

Make The Shift to healthy habits

It's a familiar thought: lightning-fast results, miraculous transformations, and promises that seem too good to be true. 

That's the diet narrative sold to us time and again, and deep down, we all sense the reality—those promises are meant to be broken

Initial excitement, followed by a restrictive and often joyless diet?

A burst of results, yes, but at what cost? 

Your energy? Your mood? Your love of food?

And then, the rebound. 

The return of old habits, the weight creeping back, and the sinking feeling of starting over... again.

What if there's a different way?

Imagine yourself where you're no longer at war with your appetite, where food is not an enemy but a source of pleasure and health.


Appetite For Awesome

Enjoy what you eat. No food groups were thrown overboard.

Learn the harmony of nutrition that complements your life, not complicates it.

Find pleasure in meals without the pendulum swing of dieting extremes.

This Is A Permanent Shift To Delight In Every Bite!


You’ll feel that It’s been tough—super tough—keeping up with work and home, and trying not to forget about yourself, especially if you’re a busy parent, busy entrepreneur or employee-who always puts health last

I’ve had years of trying and failing, skipping workouts, and feeling bad about that extra snack. I ended up totally burned out. Does it sound like your story?

I figured out the hard way that quick fixes are a no-go and finally got good with a plan that really works. 

And sticking with it? 

It needs regular love and attention, or it just won’t work. And remember all this? “Nope, I can’t do it.”

Well, I’ve got an awesome program to keep myself and you on track, and EVERYTHING’s written down!

Fast forward to now—I’ve built not just one, but a whole program, helping loads of parents, employees struggling to quit the diet cycle and live healthier, happier lives.

Everyone's journey is unique, but the foundation's the same... if I can make the change, so can you!!!

Join Our Hyper-effective Programs to Boost, Speed Up, and Make Healthy Habits Easier Even When You Have A Busy Schedule

Join us on the journey to sustainable health—where your love for food remains intact, and your well-being is the main course.


  • Personalized wellness plans reduce healthcare costs by improving employee health and preventing diseases.

  • Healthier employees, supported by professional coaching, show increased productivity and efficiency at work.

  • Engaging challenges and supportive culture decrease absenteeism, keeping employees active and at work.

  • Wellness programs boost morale, showing employees they're valued, which enhances engagement and loyalty.

  • Companies offering wellness programs attract talent and retain employees, reducing turnover costs.

  • A supportive health culture improves teamwork, innovation, and problem-solving, benefiting the company's bottom line.

  • A strong wellness program enhances company reputation, attracting more business and potential revenue opportunities.


  • Builds lasting health habits with a focus on nutrition, movement, and mental wellness through the 6-Week Wellness Challenge.

  • Tailors wellness challenges to fit any group, ensuring everyone can participate and benefit.

  • Covers essential wellness aspects including diet, exercise, mental health, stress, sleep, and managing holidays.

  • Utilizes fitness apps, heart rate monitors, and smart scales for effective progress monitoring.

  • Provides custom guidance and support from professional coaches to motivate and assist each participant.


  • Receive personalized 1-on-1 remote coaching sessions with Candice, focusing on achieving your unique health and wellness goals

  • Benefit from Candice's extensive experience and expertise as an Organizational Psychologist and Nutrition & Health Coach.

  • Enjoy continuous support, motivation, and accountability from Candice to ensure you remain committed to your wellness journey.

  • Get personalized strategies from Candice that are specifically designed to fit your lifestyle, making your health goals more achievable.

  • Turn your health habits around for lasting change and improved well-being through real results driven by Candice's expert coaching.


Appetite for Awesome, It’s the perfect match for you if you're ready to:

Gain strength and confidence, and make yourself feel lighter and full of energy.

Say goodbye to dieting's ups and downs and welcome the consistent, worry-free lightness.

Access resilient, adaptable strategies that fit your busy lifestyle for intuitive wellness.

With Appetite for Awesome, you’re just adopting a diet plan and choosing a lifestyle that cherishes the balance between delectable eating and nutritious living. 

It's about making smart, satisfying choices without compromising your enjoyment or your agenda.


Appetite for Awesome

is my way of changing how you see health, nutrition, and wellness as a whole. 

I ditched the idea of tight diets and quick health fixes to focus on lasting lifestyle changes that actually fit into your busy life.

It's made for you, the busy professional, who wants to upgrade your eating habits, get moving more, and boost your mindset without cramming your already packed schedule. 

I'm all about balance here, helping you discover the joy in living healthily through easy-to-follow strategies, personal coaching, and a community that's got your back. 

My goal? 

To empower you to make those changes stick, boosting your energy, confidence, and overall awesomeness.

With Me

Nutrition meets Empowerment

CANDICE LUDWIG, An Organizational Psychologist and Nutrition & Health Coach

As the mind and force behind "Appetite for Awesome," I've tailored this program with a singular focus: to serve those of us in high-pressure careers who no longer want to compromise our health for our professions. My journey spans over 15 years in organizational psychology and more than 6 years as a nutrition and health coach, experiences that have equipped me to deeply understand the unique challenges we face in the corporate environment. 

This is about losing weight and about a sustainable transformation, emphasizing nutrition simplicity and efficient workouts that fit into our hectic schedules. I do not follow fads or strict diets because my approach is based on what works and what is practical. I've walked this path, experiencing the ups and downs of weight fluctuations and the allure of quick fixes that don't hold up over time. 

My mission with "Appetite for Awesome" is to distill those lessons into a straightforward, no-nonsense program that empowers us to reclaim our health, achieve physical and mental strength, and maintain our wellness journey amidst the demands of our careers.

What are clients saying about the program?

“Having your help has made me change my lifestyle to continue to incorporate more nutrient dense and healthy food choices while still enjoying what I eat. :) ”

-  Natalie S.

"Joining Appetite for Awesome has been a revelation for my health routine. The balance between nutrition and my busy work life has given me sustained energy and sharper focus. Gone are the afternoon slumps; now, I'm equally productive from morning to evening. This program has truly changed the game for me!"

- Alex M.

“I cook more, eat out less, am more conscious of my habits, make better food choices than I did before.”

- Pam P.

Ready for a

Real Change?

It’s time for the more energized, confident, and resilient YOU!

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